International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property of Japan


AIPPI JAPAN consists of corporate members (major companies, non-profit organizations, universities, etc.) and individual members (attorneys at law, patent attorneys, professors, etc.). With its total membership of about 1100, it is the largest national group of AIPPI. In addition, many Japanese members have been appointed to positions in the General Secretariat and international committees of AIPPI.

General Assembly

Composed of directors who are selected from members. They discuss and make decisions on the implementation of resolutions adopted by the General Assembly, matters to be submitted to the General Assembly, and other important matters that do not need voting by the General Assembly.

Board of Directors

An annual meeting open to all members of AIPPI JAPAN. Items on the agenda include reporting on activities and settlement of balance in the previous year, work plans and budget for the current year, and voting on important issues related to the running of this association.

Senior Directors' meeting

Composed of President, Vice Presidents, Executive Director, and Managing Director & Secretary General and Senior Directors. They discuss and settle urgent and other issues entrusted by the Board of Directors.


Honorary President Masakazu Tokura
President Koichi Tsujii
Vice Presidents Yuzuru Okabe, Kenji Kondo
Executive Director
Koichi Minami (full-time)
Managing Director & Secretary General Masatoshi Abe (full-time)
Senior Directors Hitoshi Abe, Naho Ebata, Hiroya Okumura, Hirohito Katsunuma
Eiichiro Kubota, Ikuko Shimogawara, Masaya Tsuno, Masaru Nakajima
Hirokazu Honda, Kozo Yabe

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50th anniversary in 2006


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