International Association for the Protection of
Intellectual Property of Japan

AIPPI JAPAN is a non-profit organization established as a national group of AIPPI, an international NGO concerned with protection of intellectual property rights. Through studies of international treaties and national laws of other countries as well as active participation in activities of AIPPI, we aim to contribute to the improvement of international IP systems and to the industrial and economic development in Japan.

AIPPI stands for "Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriete Intellectuelle" ("International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property" in English).

Chairman's Greetings

The aim of AIPPI JAPAN is to contribute to development of the intellectual property fields worldwide through researches on international trends and promotion of international exchanges in these fields. As well as a global network, this association is characterized by a variety of members including attorneys at law, patent attorneys, researchers and other IP professionals at companies, universities and research institutions.

Since its founding as the Japanese group of AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property) in 1956, this association has been conducting researches on the intellectual property systems in Japan and other countries. To contribute to the improvement and progress in international IP protection, we have been actively involved in AIPPI's efforts to make specific recommendations for harmonization of IP systems among the countries. Also, we have been carrying out activities to make known the overseas IP trends to our domestic members and to promote exchanges of practitioners in Japan and abroad.

The advancement of borderless economy is bringing about a rapid expansion of global trade and investment activities and also a deepening of horizontal international specialization. The countries are vying with one another for a competitive edge through the creation of innovative technologies. Consequently, the importance of intellectual property rights is increasing significantly as a source of competitiveness that may give birth to differentiated products and technologies. These intellectual assets need to be managed strategically from the global perspective. For the purpose of enhancing Japan's strength in the intellectual property fields under these circumstances, we will make a further effort in providing updates on what's going on in the world, deepening cooperative relationships with various organizations in other countries, and promoting mutual exchanges among members.

We appreciate your cooperation and support to our activities.

Yuzuru OKABE, President


The Japanese Group of AIPPI was set up on 27 April 1956, about 60 years after the establishment of AIPPI, based on a strong recommendation from Mr. Shoichi Inoue, then Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office (JPO), who recognized the importance of internationalization of industrial property rights. Its founding was also recommended by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the JPO, Keidanren, and the Japan Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Taizo Ishizaka, then Chairman of Keidanren, was appointed the first president of the Japanese Group. Subsequently, this association had been headed by the Chairmen of Keidanren until the end of March 2012.

On 1 April 1991, the Japanese Group of AIPPI was incorporated as "International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property of Japan (AIPPI JAPAN)."

In April 2006, AIPPI JAPAN celebrated its 50th anniversary.

On 1 April 2012, AIPPI JAPAN acquired a new legal status after the Government's public-service corporations reform.

Organization and Departments

AIPPI JAPAN consists of corporate members (major companies, non-profit organizations, universities, etc.) and individual members (attorneys at law, patent attorneys, professors, etc.). With its total membership of about 700, it is one of the largest national group of AIPPI. In addition, many Japanese members have been appointed to positions in the General Secretariat and international committees of AIPPI.

Annual Meeting

An annual meeting open to all members of AIPPI JAPAN. Items on the agenda include reporting on activities and settlement of balance in the previous year, work plans and budget for the current year, and voting on important issues related to the running of this association.

Board of Directors' meeting

Composed of directors who are selected from members. They discuss and make decisions on the implementation of resolutions adopted by the Annual Meeting, matters to be submitted to the Annual Meeting, and other important matters that do not need voting by the Annual Meeting.

Senior Directors' meeting

Composed of President, Vice Presidents, Executive Director, and Managing Director & Secretary General and Senior Directors. They discuss and settle urgent and other issues entrusted by the Board of Directors.


Honorary President Masakazu TOKURA
President Yuzuru OKABE
Vice Presidents Hitoshi ABE
Eiichiro KUBOTA
Executive Director Yuzuru OKABE
Managing Director & Secretary General Masatoshi ABE (full-time)
Senior Directors
  • Yousuke IIDA
  • Naho EBATA
  • Hiroya OKUMURA
  • Takeshi KOMATANI
  • Eijiro SATO
  • Masaya TSUNO
  • Masaru NAKAJIMA
  • Kozo YABE
  • Kazuhiko YOSHIDA



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